First week as a Mum..

After a pretty brutal labour experience I was so happy to finally have my little boy safe and well and was excited to go home and begin our new life as a family.  Unfortunately I had a high temperature during labour which was still high after giving birth, they thought I may have picked up an infection which is quite common in long induced labours. Because I had an infection there was some concern that Otis might too so we both had to have various tests. Although Otis’s results were all showing fine they gave him anti biotics as a precaution.

We had to stay for at least two nights to make sure we were both healthy and luckily my temperature was stabilising with anti biotics. I felt really sad that my first few days with my baby weren’t spent at home with Korey but the midwives were amazing. Hospital visiting hours were quite restrictive but Mallory, my mum and Korey made sure we were alone as little as possible. I had a little private room so I was able to have my own space which I was so grateful for and allowed Korey to stay a longer with me outside of visiting hours.

The first week has been a bit of a blur to be honest, but it has been amazing all the same. We have had a constant flow of visitors which has been so lovely and we have been overwhelmed with love from everyone. Otis has been an absolute angel so far and although he hasn’t quite got the hang of day and night, meaning long nights for me and Korey, I’m hoping he will start to settle more soon. I am absolutely loving being a mum and just still can’t believe he’s real!

It’s quite daunting getting home with your new baby. You’re constantly wondering if they are ok, wondering if they’re supposed to be making those squeaks and noises. I still check he’s breathing in the night and just lay awake staring at him. As hard as it is waking for feeds every few hours, once I’m holding him I just feel like I would happily be awake all night cuddling him and hate putting him back in his crib. I’m so excited for whats to come and look forward to growing together.

Love H xx




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