My birth story..

I still can’t believe my baby boy is here and I’ve been a mum now for just over a week. What an amazing week it’s been! I really wanted to share with you all my birth story as it was a pretty crazy experience with major highs and lows. As you all know I suffered with awful back pain that was later diagnosed to be SPD, I saw a consultant at about 38 weeks pregnant and decided that I needed to be induced which was scheduled for my actual due date 13th January. I was so excited to finally have a date where I knew I would be coming home with my baby once entering the hospital. I had read so many different experiences online of woman being induced and soon realised this could be a long painful journey!


And wow what a journey it was! I arrived in hospital with Korey at 8.30 am on Wednesday the 13th and was given a pessary to induce labour. My cervix was really high and unfavourable but the baby’s head was really low which was one reason I was in a lot of pain. Contractions began round early hours of Thursday morning. They then had to take out my pessary because my body was reacting to it too much and my contractions were coming to fast and strong with no break, this was causing my baby to be in distress and his heart beat dropped to a terrifying low. The midwife pushed the panic button and doctors and midwifes came rushing in I was terrified when they couldn’t find his heart beat fearing the worst I have never felt so heart broken, frightened and useless. Luckily they found a heart beat again but this experience really effected me and from this point on I obsessed over his heart trace and watched the machine like a hawk for any changes.


Korey and I tried to get some sleep but it was pretty hard to get much rest with many emotions and pain. At 9 am on Thursday Mallory joined us in hospital and by then I was having consistent contractions. They were really painful and very close together, as they increased in intensity I was finding the pain so hard to manage. The midwife gave me gas and air to help with the pain and initially it took the age of, Mallory and Korey found me very amusing at this point because the gas and air made me very merry. I was signing and saying very strange things like “there’s water coming out of my ears” apparently! They examined me again at 12 pm, I was 2cm and my cervix had finally moved round which was such good news, I could now head to the delivery sweet and have my waters broken.

I decided to have an epidural due to my extreme back pain and overwhelming contractions. It was painful getting into the correct position. They broke my waters and hooked me up to a sitcoin drip to cause my body to contract. The contractions got stronger and I continued to feel pain, the epidural hadn’t worked properly and I needed another one. They gave me a spinal block and then a second epidural. Finally this one worked. My body had a hyper reaction to the hormone drip and again my contractions came to close together which again caused my baby distress and his heart beat dropped with every contraction this was terrifying and I had several panic attacks terrified of his heart beat disappearing all togeher.

The midwifes and doctors came rushing in again after his heart had dropped dangerously low and injected me in the stomach to stop me having contractions. They took me off the drip for over an hour to give my baby and my uterus a break. I also had developed a high temperature. Once I new my baby was ok I managed to drift of to sleep a little bit and when I woke up the contractions were back along with pressure, they hooked me back up to the drip and examined me and found I was now 8cm dilated. An hour later and I was fully dilated and feeling an urge to push. I was frightened that my baby wouldn’t cope well with pushing because of his reaction to the contractions and so I was really anxious to begin. I felt exhausted and literally had no energy left. I didn’t know if I could do this but my excitement to meet my baby and support from Mallory and Korey spurred me on. After 1hr 30 of pushing I was even more exhausted. The doctors decided to give me some help with a vontouse, this is a cup inserted onto baby’s head and using suction to create a vacuum it helps to pull and direct baby out along with pushing. It was painful having the cup put in place but once it was on his head he came out easily and it wasn’t long before I had my beautiful baby in my arms. Those 3 days were the thoughest and most amazing ever and Otis is completly worth it all. I couldn’t love him more or feel anymore blessed to have him.

Love H xx

4 thoughts

  1. I’ve been following your Instagram and blog for a couple of months now. Thank you for sharing your birth story! Sounds like a roller coaster of emotions but I’m so happy he is here. He’s absolutely beautiful. Congratulations! I start my midwifery training in September.. I’m so excited! X


  2. Love following you and your sisters blog..!
    You both give great inspo to me regards fashion, make up etc..
    Also congratulations on the birth of your baby boy..!
    It’s the best job being a mummy. I have two girls!


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