Heated rollers..


Like most of us, I love bouncy healthy looking hair and heated rollers are a great way to achieve this look without a full blow dry. I’ve used them for years as they’re so easy to use and really effective. The idea is you apply them to dry hair and leave them until the roller has completely cooled, if you take them out before then they will probably drop quite quickly. I just rough finger dry my hair and apply to rollers, rolling upwards rather than under. This just gives it a fuller look which I prefer.



I always pop them in before doing my makeup and getting ready which allows them to cool and me to still get things done. They come with great clips to make sure they don’t fall out too. I’m using Babylis heated rollers and they work great in my hair. (long hair, medium thickness) I usually gently brush through each curl indiviually afterwards and then spray them with hairspray. The curls normally stay in for abour 2 days and look great in a bouncy full pony tail the next day!



Let me know if theres any other looks you want to see. We love hearing from you guys!
Love H xx


8 thoughts

  1. Hi! I really like your blog, please could you post a get ready of me kind of post? As in full hair and makeup? Also, can you recomend any foundations?xx


  2. I was wanting to get some rollers so this post was perfect will purchase these asap do you use the same rollers at the top of your head or is it a different one? And do you use different size ones in particular parts? Sorry for all the questions Hope it turns out as good as yours Love your blog so much!


  3. I have these rollers but never look this good! Which size do you use out of the three? Also stalking your top section, is that just a massive roller? Do you put that in dry or wet?

    Thank you xx


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