Nappy bag..

Nearly 39 weeks pregnant now and I’m finding it so hard to write pregnancy posts at the moment. My focus is so much on meeting my baby boy so I’m struggling to put much focus into anything else. Something I did want to share with you all was ‘what’s in my nappy bag’. I think people think it’s quite an obvious thing but when it comes down to it it’s quite difficult to remember everything your going to need! Taking your new born out for the first time is going to be an exciting but fairly daunting experience so being fully prepared is really important.



Here’s my nappy bag list to give you guys an idea..


Pre prepared milk – these are more expensive than formula but are a great thing to take on little outings as they’re so quick and easy. (unless your planning to breast feed)
Snack and water – this is for you if you’re breast feeding, you’ll often feel really thirsty and hungry so it’s good to have something to keep you hydrated and keep up your milk supply. (It is important you don’t forget to look after yourself in these early weeks!)
Muslin – these can be used for all kinds of things so are a definite essential.
Toy – something to keep your baby entertained or comforted.
Change of clothes – be prepared for leaky nappies and sick!
Nappies and wipes



Hope this helps some of you lovely mums to be!
Love H xx

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