Happy New Year! This was mine and Korey’s final NYE where it would just be the two of us, which is so exciting and also crazy to think. We never really do too much for NYE as Korey always has work commitments on New Years Day, so we were lucky he was even around. We spent this year, like last with close friends. We all went for dinner together and then Korey and I saw the New Year in together tucked up in bed. I definitely panicked at the thought of fitting my 38+ week bump and swollen feet into an acceptable outfit that wasn’t pj’s, but somehow managed to! My skirt and Top were from ASOS and my black courts from ZARA.




Like Korey, Joe also usually has work commitments so they never really goe wild on NYE either. This year Mallory and Joe stayed in and cooked a quiet dinner together, while Blythe was fast asleep upstairs. I think being together is all that’s important on NYE and often when you have the nicest time. Hopefully in the future we will all be able to see the New Year in altogether which would be lovely as lots of the memories made throughout both our years are made altogether.



2015 has been an amazing year and I know with the arrival of my little boy 2016 will be a special one too! I hope you all had a great New Years Eve and look forward to sharing what 2016 brings.

Love H xxx

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  1. Hey Hattie, I’ve followed you for years and always admired how beautiful you are! One thing I’ve always wanted to ask you is how you maintain such a lovely tan?! You must use something to keep your glow? Would be really grateful if you could recommend a product 🙂 xx


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