38 weeks..

So, just a little bump update for you all. As you know I’ve been suffering so badly with back ache and cramping and nothing I’ve been advised to try has really helped. After some research and recommendations, I booked to have reflexology to try and help ease the pain. It was amazing! I loved it, although my back pain didn’t really improve (as I only had one session) it was so relaxing and such a lovely experience. I would definitely recomend it to anyone in a similar situation to me, or if you’re in need of relaxing. It’s amazing how much affect it has on your whole body and baby too! I was amazed the whole way through. She taught me some great little techniques that I have been doing daily too.


As the pain has got so bad I am booked in for a Stretch and Sweep (ouch) next week, to try and help bring on my labour. So fingers crossed for me! I’d love to hear your stories and if this worked/didn’t work for any of you.
I hope my next bump update will be introducing my baby to you all!

Happy New Year!
Lots of love H xx



2 thoughts

  1. I had two stretch & sweeps and unfortunately neither worked. I was overdue too but because it was my first baby my cervix was closed so tightly the first one they couldn’t even do, if there is one thing I would say if you have any chance of it working go for really long walks and stay on a birthing ball for as long as you can! Good luck! X


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