I can’t believe christmas has already been and gone! Hattie and I were sad that we were unable to spend christmas together this year. Due to our partners jobs, it can sometimes be difficult for us to all be together but we make sure we face time throughout the day and send lots of photos. Hopefully next year we will get to spend it together. We thought it would be nice to share some of our christmas pictures with you all.



I can’t believe that next year Blythe will be 2 and Hattie’s little boy will be here! We had a lovely christmas, we hosted Joe’s family at our house and my mum and step dad went to hattie’s. Blythe was very spoilt and loved all her presents so much. It was so lovely watching her face light up and playing with her. I can’t wait until she understands and gets excited for Christmas. She loved this rocking horse we bought her from Mamas and Papas. It’s so cute!




Hattie was hoping to come down on Boxing day evening but due to being so uncomfortable and so pregnant she has decided it is best for her to stay put. Hopefully her little boy comes soon!




We hope you had a lovely day and that you were able to spend it day with those you love.

Love M and H xxx



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