I’m full term! Horray! Now this little guy just needs to hurry up because I am getting so impatient. Our pram arrived this week which was super exciting. I just keep staring at it in the corner imagining him in it and pushing it around the lounge. I found it so difficult to decide on a pram as there are so many to pick from, that’s why we left it quite last minute.

I was torn between Stokke, icandy and Bugaboo but after so many reccomendations off friends, we decided on Bugaboo and I’m so glad we did. I picked navy because we are having a boy but I also wanted to keep it quite neautral so it went with everything and wasn’t too garish. I found a gorgeous nappy bag from Armani, it hangs perfectly on the handle and fits underneath too. It has lots of little compartments inside to keep things organised and bottle holders either side. Childsplayclothing is really good for things like this if you’re struggling to find something you like.



Love H xx

4 thoughts

  1. I am now 33 weeks pregnant and panicking about what I need to put in my hospital bag/babies bag. Essentials for baby… feel like I’m buying for fun! We have got a Joolz pram in navy blue but we are having a surprise on what our baby will be. I also got a paca pod changing bag and it’s amazing! Thank you for bump to birthday recommendation it’s such an amazing book ๐Ÿ™‚


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