9 months..

On Wednesday I turned 9 months pregnant. 36 weeks carrying my little boy! Before being pregnant I genuinelly always thought pregnany was 9 months.. when in reality its usually 10 and these last 4 weeks I know are going to be the longest.

I started experiencing ‘contraction like’ pains on tuesday night, a dull period pain ache in my stomach along with awful back cramping. This continued into wednesday and on wednesday evening I started experining regular contraction like pains. Korey downloaded a contraction timer app on his phone and we began timing the contractions. They started to become more regular and by 9 pm I had been having regular contractions that were 2 minutes apart for two hours. We decided it was best to call the hospital as I was really struggling with the pain. Mallory suggested different positions and breathing techniques to try using my Ball but nothing seemed to be helping. We were told we needed to go into hospital and be checked out. I was in so much pain but also concerned that I was not full term yet.

When we got to the hospital, the midwife put me on the monitor to check all was well with the baby and as usual he was as active as ever. She gave me an internal examination which is one of the most horrible painful experiences! (not to scare you!) but prepare yourself for it to be unpleasent. After my internal exam I was left feeling really disappointed because my cervix was still closed despite the pain and contractions. They gave me a scan and discovered that the baby was back to back and this is why I was in such agonising pain in my back. They think that he maybe trying to get himself into the correct position.


We ended up in hospital till 5 in the morning and the doctor wanted to keep me in incase my contractions continued and I went into labour. I decided that I didn’t want to stay in hospital because I was exhausted and knew I would find it hard to sleep alone on the ward. Deep down I knew today wasn’t the day I would get to meet my little boy so we went home feeling disappointed and still suffering in agony. Next time I leave the hospital hopefully it will be with my baby! Fingers crossed.

To update you on how I am feeling, I have stopped having contractions but I am still in agonising pain especially in my back. The pain I am experiencing is a constant dull ache and the worst period pains I have ever felt. I am trying to stay as active as possible, by walking, cleaning, wrapping christmas presents and bouncing on my ball.  I am trying my best to do exercises to get him into the correct position but it is really tough when the pain is so strong!  I would love to hear from any of you who have had similar experiences or how your labour began. It would really cheer me up to hear from some other mums, so please let me know how your own labours began and if any of you have experienced a back to back labour. I really hope he doesn’t make me wait to much longer and manages to get into the right position for an easier labour!




Love H xx

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  1. I had a back to back labour and these are far worst so well done for coping and i hope the baby changes position. Mine was from the first contaction up to 10cm where baby changed ready to come out. I had gas and air and warm water helped alot. And getting partner to rub back.
    My labour was 7 hours for my first o just managed it was very painful i probably would of had a epidural if it was any longer. Back to back labours are so painful.


  2. I had similar back pains that you are describing a couple weeks ago. I’m 36weeks this weekend. I found that using my ball and walking up the stairs side stepping (as strange as it sounds) really helped. Apparently that just shifts them into a different position. It may not work for you but if you’ve not tried it maybe give it a go!! Good luck xx


  3. My baby girl was born at 34+5 days. I went into hospital 4 days before she was born with what I thought was Braxton hicks, they did the labour test (examination) on me and told me I was not in labour, my cervix was still thick and closed, and that the test was viable for 1-2 weeks. I stayed in over night and went home the next day when it had calmed down for some sleep as hadn’t slept a wink! When I got home I was still really uncomfortable with my stomach constantly tight. Went to bed that night and woke up at 4 having a show. Told my partner we needed to go to hospital as I just knew something wasn’t right and that day I went into labour. 4 days later we left with a healthy 4lb15oz baby girl who didn’t need any time in the SCBU 😊. Hope all goes well for you x


  4. I forgot to say the morning of my second sweep (5days overdue) my cervix was closed and midwife said i will be at least 2 weeks over and be induced. That night i went into labour so sometimes things happen really quick.


  5. Your whole pregnancy seems really similar to mine (I had a little girl 10 weeks ago now) from 25weeks I had sciatica in my back and there was nothing they could give me for it. my labour started naturally and she was two days early. I also had to be examined as I wasn’t sure if my waters had broken (they hadn’t) and same as you, really unpleasant and painful but it actually seemed to ‘start me off’ as after I was 1cm dilated. I went home and was having contractions for 5hours before I took myself to hospital, when I arrived I was 4cm dilated. I was the only person on the labour ward and was very lucky to have the pick of the midwives. It was 9pm and I was so drained already that I had some pethadine as pain relief (I really recommend this as it makes you really sleepy and although the pain doesn’t stop it makes it so much better) as it wore off they ran me a bath for more pain relief only to discover I was 10cm and ready to give birth. I used the gas and air on the build up to pushing and I didn’t have any more pain relief than those two. We discovered she was back to back which is why I was in agony with my back, she turned herself around at the last minute and I had a straight forward delivery only
    Pushing for 10 minutes.

    I hope this makes you feel a little better knowing your not the only one. It’s awful when your going through it but the second you meet your baby it instantly goes away.

    My best advice is, if you go naturally then stay at home as long as you can. And feel comfortable doing. There’s nothing better than home comforts.

    Good luck 🙂


  6. My little girl was back to back and I was in the same sort of pain too I was told too sit on a chair facing the back of the chair and basically lean forward and go on all fours and rock apprentley encourages the baby to move! It did work and the pain eased a lot! It’s a horrible feeling! Good luck and it’s work every bit of pain!! Xx


  7. I was induced at 37 weeks due to suffering from pre eclampsia, and after being induced was told my little one was back to back. Very painful for me but the thing that kept me going was my midwife telling me it’s actually one of the most comfortable positions for the baby! So whilst we’re in agony they’re nice and comfy – just another thing we can give them selflessly! They thought they would have to turn her but due to the shape of my uterus they couldn’t so began preparing me for a C section (without telling me) but after a 2 day labour, gas and air, pethidin and finally an epidural I delivered her naturally and within 6 minutes of starting! Things can seem scary right up to the point of delivering but can change in an instant for the better, you never know! As long as baby’s okay we can let ourselves breathe. I always just try to imagine the mothers that have gone through pregnancy and labour feeling fine only to be told somethings wrong with the little one inside you, I suffered so much during my pregnancy but my baby stayed happy and healthy and I would rather it have been that way around any day of the week! However tough it is, it’s just the beginning of the completely selfless job of being a mama. Truely incredible though! You’re going to love it. Try to enjoy it (as hard as it can be) because time will fly past you so fast and you will soon be trying to remember these last moments carrying him. Good luck! X


  8. I am also 37 weeks pregnant (plus 4) and have been experiencing these same pains for the past 3 days now so was really pleased to come across this post as it reassured me that this wasn’t something out of the ordinary! I have been taking warm baths along with paracetamol and just resting on the sofa with a hot water bottle (perfect time of the year for doing this) practising my breathing. Hopefully this means our bodies are preparing us for labour I’m just hoping it eases so we can enjoy Christmas Day 🙂 x


  9. My little girl was back to back and turned at 39 weeks I’m convinced this was because I spent a lot of time rocking on all fours and on my ball. Don’t worry about labour you will get through it.


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