Decorating the tree…

I love decorating the Christmas tree and love buying new decorations every year to add to my collection. My favourite places to buy decorations are The White company, Next and Paperchase. what better way to decorate your tree then wearing Christmas jumpers?! All of ours are from Next, they have some great novelty Christmas clothing especially for kids.




I have always had real Christmas trees, I think there is something so lovely about them and I love the smell. This year because Blythe is walking around and into everything I was really nervous that she would be constantly pulling down the decorations and fiddling with the tree. Real trees shed enough as it is and we were worried she might try and eat the needles. We decided it might be safer to go for a fake tree. This is the first time in my life I have ever had a fake tree, something I thought I would never do.



We did some research about fake trees that look realistic and came across this 7ft tree called The Heart Of House Franklin tree from Argos and I have been really pleasently surprised by how nice it looks everyone thinks it is real! The only thing missing is the amazing smell so I need to get some of my favourite winter candles and incense sticks from The White Company. I would really recommend this tree to you if you love a real looking tree but don’t want the hassle that comes with maintaining one or have a little one like me, it has saved me hoovering up needles every five minutes!


Hope you have fun decorating your trees!
Love M xx


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