First Birthday Presents..

I have always had a wild imagination and even though I’m all grown up with a baby of my own I still love Toys! I have such happy memories of playing for hours on end with Hattie and I think developing a child’s imagination through play is so important. I get so excited about toys and games I love that I can now play with Blythe. Its so fun seeing how her play develops and changes and what kind of toys she enjoys. I thought It would be nice to share with you some of my first birthday present Ideas especially with christmas also approaching.




Blythe loves climbing in and under things so we thought this tent from The great little trading company would be perfect for her and she loved it as soon as she saw it. I love that it will be something she can play with for years the possibilities are endless and everyone loves playing in a den. They do some really sweet alternatives for boys and girls I would really recommend checking out the great little trading company for children’s toys.



She loves baby dolls and I saw this doll and fell in love with it. It is made by the manhattan toy company which I love and Blythe has quite a few of their books and toys. It is beautiful and soft and comes in variety of styles we went for the stella peach doll. It features a magnetic dummy which Blythe loves, she has never liked a dummy but she enjoys putting on in and out of my mouth! and if she ever sees another child with a dummy in she always tries to pull it out! You can buy a whole range of accessories for this doll, including a bath set, a changing bag and so many cute little outfits. I think this toy will really grow with her as she can add to her collection of accessories as her playing develops.


To go with her new baby doll I fell in love with this pram which is also  from The great little trading company, I love their traditional wooden toys and furniture. I love how pretty the hand painted detail is on this pram and Blythe is really enjoying pushing it round and round.


I loved watching her face light up opening all her presents, she was truly spoilt and had such a wonderful day playing.
Love M xx


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