Feeling festive in Bath..

It’s finally Decemeber and I’m really starting to get in the Christmas spirit. My focus has been so much on my pregnancy and due date that I kind of forgot about Christmas and all of a sudden it’s a few weeks away. I love christmas time and  all the festive traditions. One of our christmas  traditions is to go to our local Christmas Markets. I thought I’d share some pictures with you, of our evening at the Bath Christmas market to get you feeling festive.



Korey and I have lived in a few Cities together and every year try to find a Christmas market to go to which I really love. I just love wondering around looking at all the beautiful lights, drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas songs.



We don’t live too far from Bath it is such a lovely city. The buildings are so beautiful with such sweet little shops and boutiques. They also have some amazing spas there. We always try and go there when we can for a day out but we don’t get to go as often as we would like.  I was really excited when I found out they held their own Christmas Markets.



We always buy a new Christmas decoration every year at the christmas market. This is the one we chose this year, I love it, it smells amazing! I love buying hand made decorations and you can find such lovely things at markets like this. My mum would probably make something like this herself but I really don’t have the time!



We had such a lovely evening browsing the stalls, eating yummy food and drinking hot chocolate. I am so full! Look out for your local christmas market they are a great place to buy decorations, presents and get you in the mood for christmas.


Love H xx



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