Hattie’s Baby shower..

Yesterday Mallory threw me a beautiful baby shower, it was such a special day and I thought I would share some pictures with you all.







The theme was Blue, we bought lots of blue pompom decorations from Notonthehighstreet.com and foil balloon letters spelling out baby shower, we also got personalised bunting saying baby smith which was such a lovely touch.  Mallory and my friend Savannah Baked lots of delicious cup cakes. My favourites were the Ferrero Rocher as they are my favourite chocolates and something I have really craved in pregnancy! My mum made the most beautiful sweet trees with little birds and bags full of sweets they looked so pretty and were a real centre piece for the table. Everyone loves sweets but they were almost to pretty to spoil!





It was so lovely to see so many of my friends and family coming from all across the country to celebrate my pregnancy and the arrival of my little boy with me. It made me feel really special and lucky to have such good friends and family.





We played lots of fun games including guess the size of my bump, I was quite insulted by just how big some people thought I was!! My Best friend Betty who I have known since reception, guessed exactly the right size! We also played the chocolate nappy game which everyone thought was pretty gross but made everyone laugh! Each nappy is numbered and filled with a different melted chocolate bar, Korey’s little sister managed to guess all the chocolates correctly. I think she was the only one brave enough to taste the chocolate! My favourite game was the nappy making competition. We were split into teams and had to create a nappy within a time limit, using toilet roll. My team won! Even Mallory’s dog bear joined in!

I was so spoiled and received so many beautiful presents for me and my little boy! It made me feel so emotional imagining him in all the beautiful clothes.


I had such a lovely day and my mum and Mallory did such an amazing job of making everything run smoothly. It was perfect!



Love H xx


3 thoughts

  1. You always look so lovely, I love that dress, I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant with a little boy too, and struggle to find nice dresses, now with so many occasions coming up I’m struggling!! Your baby shower looked beautiful ! 💙 Chloe x


    1. Aw thank you Chloe! And congratulations on your pregnancy too 😊 This dress is from asos and is none maternity. It’s stretchy material so just ordered a size bigger and luckily it fit! Try asos for occasion dresses as they’ve got loads to pick from. Hope this helps! H xx


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