Next to me..

As you all know I’m preparing for the arrival of my little one. I found it so hard deciding on a crib. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a whicker moses basket or just what style to go for. There is literally so many to pick from. I finally decided on something a little different and I am so excited about it! I found this Next2me Chicco crib online after browsing. This was also something Mallory had mentioned she really wished she had gone for when Blythe was born because Blythe hated being put down!


It’s designed to attatch to the side of your bed making sure your baby still has their own space and you have yours, but making them so close to you. It can stand alone like a normal crib if this is something you prefer, but I think having the option is really lovely. I’ve read a lot of reviews that say this is great for night feeds and breastfeeding as you don’t have to leave your bed constatly to pick them up. When Blythe was born Mallory used to just watch over her and check she was breathing and I think this crib is perfect for you to check on your baby through the night. I just keep turning over imagining him being there, I literally can’t wait for it to be real and for him to be home with us.

Inside the crib is this Sleepy head that Mallory actually bought for me. This was her savour for Blythe as she really couldn’t settle without this. It allows the baby to feel more cuddled and secure when you’re not holding them which hopefully means longer sleeps.. for you and baby!!


Love H xx

3 thoughts

  1. Hi Hattie I was just wondering now Otis is born and he’s slept in both of these whether you would still recommend them or you have any thoughts on them. I definitely want the next to me but I’m unsure on the sleepyhead cushion.
    Thanks xx


    1. Hi Katie, I couldn’t recommend them both more! I’m so pleased I chose them. Otis sleeps like an angel and the one night I forgot his sleepy head he couldn’t settle. It makes him feel so much more secure, as if he’s being held. Hope this helps! Hattie xx


      1. Aww that’s lovely to hear! Thank you so much for getting back to me I think I will definitely invest in both! Otis is beautiful by the way!
        Thanks again
        Katie xx


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