I am so excited to share the news that Joe and I got Engaged this week. We have always known we wanted to get married and it’s something we always talk about. Fitting in a wedding around Joe’s busy work schedule is quite difficult but we are hoping to try and get married in 2017. I knew he would propose one day but I had no idea that he had the ring and was planning to do it so soon!


Joe is not someone who likes a big fuss or lots of attention so I knew he would never do anything in a public place, my idea of a perfect proposal was always something personal and intimate and that is exactly what he went for. We were walking as a family in our favourite spot when he began showering me with compliments, then suddenly before I knew what was happening he was down on one knee and had produced a box from his coat pocket. Then there it was, the most beautiful ring I have ever seen sparkling at me. I felt so overwhelmed with emotion and love and couldn’t quite believe it was really happening, for once in my life I had no words!




Joe put the ring on my finger and reminded me that I hadn’t  actually said Yes yet! (quite crucial!) “YES” I squealed excitedly! “Yes yes yes!”


And there we have it! We are engaged! I am so so happy and can’t stop smiling! I can’t stop staring at my beautiful ring. Joe had the ring made bespoke and I can’t believe what an amazing job Joe did designing and choosing all the details of the ring. I can be really fussy when it comes to the details of fashion and jewellery  and I think he was quite nervous about getting it right. I honestly couldn’t have done it better myself. He knows me so well and I just love it so much!image7


I am so excited to begin planning the wedding, I already have so many Inspo images and can’t wait to buy my first wedding magazine! I will keep you updated with the wedding planning. I would love to hear your wedding planning tips, if any of you are currently planning a wedding or have already had one. I need all the help I can get! I am such an indecisive person and there are so many decisions to be made. Don’t even get me started on the dress! Do I have to pick just one?! ahhh!

Love M xxx

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