Pregnancy rituals..

My due date is so close and I can’t help but dread being over due. It’s literally all I’m thinking about so I’ve started doing a few things each day to help me relax. I’ve been replacing regular tea and coffee for rasperry leaf tea. I’ve been drinking around 3 cups a day and really love it. It’s a herbal remedy that is supposed to help tone the muscles in your uterus, which is supposed to help it work more efficiently during labour. Mallory drank it during her pregnancy and recommended it to me. It is not supposed to induce labour but it is supposed to help it progress at a steady pace. You can only start drinking it in the third trimester. To be honest I would give anything a go that has those kinds of possibilities, I am so desperate to meet my little one! As long as it is safe of course! You can order this from Amazon which is where I got mine, there are a few different brands.



Another thing I’m loving in my third trimester is a pregnancy excercise ball. It’s good to keep active in the final weeks of pregnancy but sometimes quite hard and uncomfortable. I’ve found the ball really relaxing and try and bounce for about an hour each day. Sometimes if  baby is in an awkward position this can help him move and make me feel more comfortable. I’d really reccomend getting one to any of you who haven’t already! Mallory bounced on her ball all the time and Blythe was 5 days early! It also really helped her in the early stages of labour to deal with the contractions.
Bio oil is a must have! I’ve been applying this twice daily on my bump, bum, thighs and boobs. It’s proven to reduce existing stretch marks and reduce you getting them. The only downside is it does leave you oily but it goes fairly quickly and is definitely worth it.


I’ve been having a warm bubble bath most nights, using mumtobe lavender bubbles which are gorgeous. They smell devine and leave you feeling really relaxed. It’s been helping so much with my back and leg aches. It is also a really nice time for me to lie back and think about the arrival of my little one. Mallory really encouraged me to talk to my bump, it helps you to bound with your baby before you meet them and your baby can recognise your voice as they can hear sounds from inside your tummy. I tend to use this relaxing time to talk to him. I’ve been feeling really under the weather the last few days and think I’m coming down with a cold, the bubble baths have definitely been helping and it’s a struggle trying to get me out!



Love H xx

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