Boobie beads..

Instagram has once again opened my eyes and introduced me to Boobie Beads.  As a breast feeding mummy I am covered in scratches and bruises from Blythe, as when she feeds she paws and pinches me with her little hands. Her little fingers are also forever getting tangled in my hair and pulling it out! The idea of Boobie Beads is to give your baby something other then your skin or hair to pull and play with, whilst also being a fun necklace. It is such a great idea and I wish I had found them earlier! It makes so much difference and since using Boobie Beads I am clear of bruises. I would really recommend  them to all of you breastfeeding mammas, because it makes feeding your little one much easier.




Boobie beads are also an amazing teething tool, and those of you with teething baby’s will know that you are desperate to find comfort for your little one when they are suffering in pain! I have tried so many different teething toys, gels and powders to help make teething more bearable. The Boobie Beads necklace really seemed to pacify Blythe and distract her from the pain.




Blythe loves her boobie beads necklace! From the second I opened it she was desperate to get her hands on it. When I showed her it was a necklace she could wear she was very excited and immediately  knew it was made to chew! Made from 100% food grade silicone and 100% toxin free means they are safe for little mouths and will help them get through the pains of teething. Babies and toddlers will love to wear these necklaces and I would really recommend  getting one to help during teething.

To order yours :
Text: 07719044188
Facebook: boobiebeadsx
Instagram: boobie_beads

Love M xx

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