Hospital bag..

I’m 32 weeks pregnant and have started packing my hospital bag just incase we have an early arrival. I also want to be fully prepared and organised as I know theres lots on around his due date like Christmas and New Year so I felt it was best to get it all done with plenty of time. Mallory has helped me loads with what to pack and as I was her birthing partner I  had an idea of some of the things I’m going to need. You’re not only packing for yourself now, but for your new baby. It felt so surreal packing things for him, I got really emotional (as usual) doing it. The clothes are so tiny and I’m just so excited to cuddle him and bring him home with us.




For you
Nipple cream
Stretch mark cream – optional but this is something I apply everyday and swear by.
Breast pads
Comfortable big knickers
Maternity pads
Pj’s – lose fitting and comfy, ideally with easy access for you to breastfeed.(if you are choosing to)
Dressing gown – if you stay over night (which is likely if your a first time mum) or even several hours it’s a great comfort to have as you may need to do some walking around the hospital.
Socks – your feet apparently can get cold during labour!
Coming home outfit – again, something lose to leave hospital in as you’ll be feeling sore and swollen.
Hand held fan/water cooling spray
Lip balm – Mallory got such dry cracked lips in labour and this was a savour for her after birth.
Snacks for after birth – healthy and unhealthy, you never know what you’re going to fancy and hospital food is really limited.



For your baby
3-4 vests
3-4 baby grows – incase they’re sick or you have to stay in overnight
New born nappies
Baby wipes
Muslin – Mallory bought be this giant star musli which is amazing. It’s also great for swaddling your baby.
Sleepsuit/snowsuit – something warm to wrap them in to travel home from the hospital as it’s winter and so cold outside.

Don’t forget your baby’s car seat! Hospitals won’t let you leave without one if you are travelling by car.


Alot of people don’t really talk to you about after birth and to be honest its really daunting. I remember Mallory just being left with Blythe and not shown anything.
Breast pads are essential after birth as your breasts will leak until your milk starts to regulate. Maternity pads are also a must after birth as you’ll bleed heavily for quite awhile and normal sanitary towels aren’t enough.
Another thing I’d reccomend is plenty of snacks for you and your partner. You’re provided with tea and toast which some people love but this wasn’t something mallory fancied at all and it’s not offered to your partner who will have also been with you for hours on end and will probably starving too.

If you have any questions please ask us as Mallory is a fab help! I will also be blogging about my birthing experience for those of you who are a little behind me so that might help more too.

Love H xx

Pj’s – Boux avenue shirt dress nighty
Stretch mark cream – Mio Mama
Nipple cream – Lanolin nipple cream
Lip balm – Benefit benebalm 

Elephant hat and boots, anchor baby grow and toy – Little white company
Plain white vests – Mothercare


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  1. Hello, I am due on Jan the 9th & am in the process of getting my hospital bag bits together but I am struggling to find a bag I like or is big enough. I love the brown bag in the picture, where is it from? Xxx


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