Effortless beach waves..

Everyone loves an effortless natural looking beach wave but sometimes it’s not actually effortless to do! I naturally have fairly straight hair so for me it’s a bit of a nightmare and much easier to just have it straight.
I’ve recently found this TRESemme product which makes creating waves  much easier for me. I love it!


 To get my look you apply it straight after the shower, making sure your hair is just damp and fully towel dry. I then really roughly dried my hair with a hair dryer just scrunching it while drying, then left to air dry. It worked perfectly for me and is much better than any product I’ve tried like this! It actually does what it says! I’ve added a few extra waves using my curling wand, but literally only about 3 curls either side as some of the natural waves flattened after sleeping on it.




I brushed the waves through with my Tangle Teezer and then added this AMAZING texture powder from Toni and Guy for volume. This gives your hair instant volume with such little effort. You literally just shake it on and rub it into the roots! It is one of my favourite products. It is the perfect size for fitting in your handbag so you can maintain your look, which officially means goodbye Flat hair!

Hope these products work for you, let me know what you think and if there are any other beauty posts you want us to do. We love hearing from you all.

Love H xx

Tongs – Boots babylis
Brush – Gold tangle teezer
Curling products – Tresemme perfectly undone
Volume product – Toni and guy sculpting powder


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