This weekend we all got together for a family party, we are really close with our family and love getting together especially to celebrate a big occasion. This time was to celebrate our aunties 50th birthday. It was such a lovely evening and so nice to see everyone.




The theme of the party was 007, they went all out decorating their house with cardboard cutouts of various bond actors, they had a projector screen projecting clips from James Bond movies and had even changed all their photographs to be bond images! It was really impressive, everything looked great.



My favourite room at the party was the fancy dress and sweets room! Hattie, Korey and I spent quite a while in there trying on all the props and taking a few selfies! We also enjoyed a few packets of sweets!



Everyone really dressed up for the occasion as Bond girls, James Bond and various villains, our granddad went to a great deal of effort and even died his hair and eyebrows  black to get into character, he looked quite scary and we almost didn’t recognise him! He is so creative and made a gold gun out of a gold pen and lighter which is what the original 007 gun was like!image1-24

I would really recommend  007 as a party theme as it is so glamorous and there are so many outfit options for guests to choose from. With the festive season almost here this got me really excited for Christmas and all the Christmas and New year celebrations to come! I hope you all had a great weekend!
Love M xx

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