An interview with us…

There have been a few questions that people have either emailed or commented to us so we thought it would be fun to answer a few of them and give you a bit more of an insight into our personalities.IMG_0957Are you Twins?
No! We’ve always wished we were though. We think having a twin would be so cool.
M: People often think we are twins, growing up we were obsessed with Marykate and Ashely olsen (we still are) and always pretended we were twins!
H: My mum used to put us in matching clothing when we were younger which was very cute! we still own lots of the same clothes today even though we have different styles we often like the same bags and shoes!


Who is the oldest?
People often think Hattie is the oldest, growing up this used to really annoy me! but now I don’t mind, hopefully people still think I am the youngest when we are in our 40’s! I am 3 years older then Hattie but it feels like we are the same age.
H: I always used to love it when people thought I was older, now I’m not so sure! I’ve always grown up around Mallory and her friends so our age gap isn’t very obvious.


How do you have such a close relationship with each other?
 When we were younger our parents always told us to look after each other because having a sister is special and none else will love you like your sister does. Its so true and we always know no matter what that we have each others backs! we have our ups or downs like any siblings! Because we are so involved in each others lives and both have strong opinions we often have dramatic arguments but we are always best friends again five mins later! At first Korey and Joe were shocked by our arguments because they can be quite extreme, (and usually over the silliest thing!) but now they’re so used to them and know they mean nothing.
M: My sister has always been there for me she has never let me down when others have, she’s the first person I call in any situation and I always value her opinion. There is none like her. If she wasn’t my sister I would still want to be her friend! we share everything. Even if is sometimes want to strangle her! haha

IMG_6812You always seem to be together, do you live near by?
H: Unfortunately due to our partners jobs we don’t live close to each other but we make a big effort to see each other as often as possible and we talk every day on FaceTime and whatsapp.
M: My partner often jokes that I talk to hattie more then I talk to him even though he lives in the same house as me and she lives in a different city!

IMG_0959Who is the funniest?
M: Hattie Definatley! she always makes me die with laughter she has a very dry sense of humour and is always making whitty comments.
H: ME! haha.. Mallory makes me laugh so much, she finds her own jokes hilarious though and has weird moments when she cracks so many unfunny jokes that it is actually funny.


Who is the best at Hair and Beauty ?
M: Hattie is amazing at hair in particular but really knowledgeable when it comes to both hair and beauty. No-one’s blow drys match up to hers. I am so jealous of her skills! I like to think my makeup application has improved since the  picture below was taken!
H: Yeah, I am definitely better at hair. I’m forever chasing Mallory with a hair brush to get rid of her knots even though she always claims to have brushed it! Mallorys really good at plaits though and taught me how to do them when I was younger.image2-14

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us a bit more. If you have any other questions we’d love to hear from you. M&H xx

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