What’s inside my bag..

I love handbags and always feel so naked if I ever leave the house without one. It’s such an essential item and always adds so much to your outfit. I’m obsessed. My new favourite bag is this Louboutin sweet charity bag. It’s the perfect size to fit all my bits and bobs in without it being super heavy.


  1. My sunglasses. Even though it’s approaching winter I always carry these around with me in hope for the sun! They also cover quite a lot of my face so if I’m leaving the house without makeup they come in really handy.
  2. Compact tangle teezer is a must in every handbag. It’s the perfect size to sort out windswept hair.
  3. My favourite perfume is Gucci Flora, I go through this so quickly but always love the small bottles to fit in my handbag. I wear this in the winter and summer, it’s gorgeous. It’s always on my christmas list, every year!
  4. MAC Lipstick or gloss. (in my case both) Speaks for itself, how could you ever leave the house without it? I wear a few colours but usually pack Velvet Teddy.
  5. Carmex.. the best lip balm ever. I always apply this with my lipstick throughout the day to stop my matte lipstick drying out my lips. Its so hydrating and great in this weather for really chapped lips.
  6. I always carry a nail file in my hangbag as I absolutely hate catching my nail on something while out and having to just leave it.
  7. We live in a little village so I drive everywhere, my car keys are always with me along with the cutest charm. (from H&M)


Love H xx

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