Planning my birth..


My pregnancy is flying by so quickly and with only 10 weeks left I’m starting to plan my birth. I was Mallory’s birthing parter alongside Joe and it was definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Everyone always asks me if it put me off but if anything it made me more excited. Mallory had a fairly straight forward labour, she started having contractions on the Thursday night and gave birth on Saturday morning. She went through labour with only gas and air and a few paracetomols which was amazing. She pushed in total for about 40 minutes which is fairly short compared to some woman so she was really lucky. Watching my neice come into the world was the best day of my life and the overwhelming love I felt after seeing her for the first time was just crazy. God only knows how Mallory must have felt and how I’m going to feel about my own little boy. I can’t wait to experience it on the other side with Korey and Mallory helping me through.


The connection you make with your baby after carrying them for so long and spending everyday changing and growing with them is really hard to explain. I just can’t wait to finally meet him. If I’m honest I’m pretty scared about birth itself. Although I’m super excited I just can’t help think about the crazy pain I’m going to be in. Saying that, I’m hoping to have a fairly natural birth but I’m not totally against other things if needs be. Something that is really helping me relax and unwind in pregnancy is warm bubble baths, so I’m debating whether a water birth is something I want to go for. When mallory was having contractions a bath was all she wanted and we struggled to get her out and to the hospital in the final stages! I remember giving her a beautiful blow dry ready for labour before her contractions got really bad and then later watching her dunk her head under water ruining it. I think what I’ve realised is anything can happen and not to plan too much as I don’t want to be disappointed if it doesn’t go to plan. I can’t wait to share my birth with you all very soon!



Mallory bought me this book which she had in her pregnancy too and really loved. It’s called Bump to Birthday which she bought on Amazon. I’d really suggest it to anyone expecting. It’s a lovely way to keep track of everything that happens in your pregnancy which is so easily forgotten sometimes. First times you feel kicks and movements etc. It’s so nice to look back at Mallorys and compare our experiences. It goes on up until their first birthday which helps you log precious things your baby does along with dates. I love filling mine in and gives me that little bit of time to just sit there and think all about him and appreciate how amazing pregnancy really is. Love H xx


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