A trip to the hairdressers..


I love going to get my hair done. The feeling after a new colour and cut is just the best. My hair has been in desperate need for a full head colour and cut but I’ve had so much on its sometimes hard to find the time to fit it in. I’ve lived in quite a few places in my time so sticking to one trusty hairdresser is literally impossible for me. I usually do quite a bit of research into salons in the area and look at reviews and pictures to narrow down which salon to pic. I’ve been to a few in Bristol but the one I use regularly now is Bonomini Salon in Clifton. I’ve had my hair coloured and cut here before and always genuinely really love the outcome.


I also think it’s important to feel really pampered when you’re in a salon, it’s a few hours of relaxation for some people so I believe you should leave feeling like you’ve been properly looked after. The service is always really amazing here and they do such lovely drinks and flapjacks.


I’ve had a few people ask me what colours I have in my hair and I’ve never really known as I’ve changed salons so much. Today Carly my hairdresser used a highlift tint (better for your hair than bleach) mixed with medium and dark blondes with ash tones. I love the colour it’s created. It’s perfect for winter and taken out the yellow tones I had adding a much cooler feel.



 I used to hate having my hair cut but now it’s one of my favourite things, getting rid of all those nasty split ends and having my hair looking healthy. I would definitely recommend having a regular cut to maintain healthy looking hair every 6-8 weeks. Your hair wont actually grow if theres an inch of split ends, it just snaps off and ruins your existing length. If your nervous just make sure you’re really clear with your hairdresser about what it is you want and don’t want. Help them out as much as you can with pictures and examples. I always love the products they use at salons and try to ask as many questions about what they’re using, this oil smells so good and feels amazing on the hair. It’s a weightless oil so doesn’t drag your hair down and can be used before or after drying. When used on wet hair it’s said to reduce drying time which is definitely a bonus! Hope this helps some of you out with any hairdressing worries and gives you a few ideas. Love H xx

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