Essential Hair Tools..

Tangle Teezer is one of those products we just couldn’t live without! Having long hair is great but it can become really unmanageable and mattered, there is nothing worse then having your hair in knots and struggling in pain to brush through them. I always hated as a child having a comb pulled through my hair, I remember dreading it and having some serious tantrums to avoid it at all costs.. Thank you Tangle Teezer! My saviour!


My Tangle Teezer has become such an essential item that I never leave the house without it. My on the go compact styler fits perfectly into all my handbags and means whatever the day throws at me (babysick, wind or rain) my hair stays looking great and tangle free!


Both Hattie and I use the Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer in the shower after conditioning, with conditioner still in your hair. It makes it so easy to get through any knots without feeling like you’re pulling all your hair out. If you have long hair this is a really great way to make it more manageable to style.

After towel drying hair I always use the Original Tangle Teezer to remove any renaming knots and I then spray some kerastes heat protection which I would really recommend. (Hattie talks about this in her haircare post)

Hattie is an expert at blow drying, I on the other hand am terrible at it which is why the newest tangle teezer product is so amazing. It makes blow drying so quick and effortless, you don’t even have to bother with a rough dry as the teeth extracts excess water. This just means it really cuts down blowdrying time. If you’re a busy mum like me, this is key because I don’t have loads of time to spend on my hair everyday.


Another product I simply can’t live without and makes my hair drying experience much faster is the GHD Air hair dryer, I have really thick long hair and it used to take what felt like forever to get it dry. This makes it super quick and leaves my hair looking and feeling smooth and shiny. Friends and family visiting that have borrowed it are always so impressed. I would really recommend adding it to your Christmas list. You wont be disappointed!

M xx

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