Luscious lashes..

I’m obsessed with long lashes but unfortunately wasn’t blessed with them. I always curl my eyelashes before applying mascara because naturally they kind of just stick out with little to no curl to them. In my previous post I’ve talked about a lash serum that is great for length but doesn’t curl the lash which is what I’m always in search for. I also think applying new things to your lashes is always a scary thing because eyes can be so sensitive and you never really know how they may react.

In the summer I had a treatment called LVL lashes, this is a treatment that curls and tints your lashes leaving them looking amazing! This treatment lasts between 6-8 weeks due to your eyelashes shedding naturally. This treatment does no damage at all to the lash and just leaves them with a massive lift as if you’ve got mascara on. I would really recommend this to anyone who likes a natural look or who usually curls their eyelashes before mascara because it enables you to just apply the mascara and does something no eyelash curler can do.

Because I’m pregnant I’m not able to have this treatment as it hasnt been tested on pregnant woman before, so could have a bad reaction. I really wanted the LVL treatment in my early pregnancy as I was so ill and never felt or looked presentable so was really frustrated that I wasn’t able to. Now that I’m past my sickness I’ve been determined to find something else to help me look alive when my little one arrives and I get less and less sleep. I opted for false lashes after a bit of research and review reading. It’s quite tricky finding the right person to do a new treatment for you when you’re not familair with the area as ideally I like a recommendation to know what to expect. I decided to just bite the bullet and be brave so searched social media to find someones work I was impressed with.

I came across a lady called Victoria Jupp, who is based at The Manicure Suite in Bath but agreed to come to my house to do the treatment and discuss what kind of look I wanted. I was not disappointed, she was warm and friendly and made me feel at such ease having the treatment. I was after something really natural and put my trust in her, which is kind of scary as we had only just met!! I’m absolutely in love with my lashes and so pleased with the result. They literally don’t feel like I’m wearing any at all and the treatment was completely pain free.

Before – no lashes, no mascara


After – with lashes, no mascara (only mascara on bottom lashes)





I went for a half set of natural lashes which she charges £30 for. A full set is usually £60 which she explained would just be more of a full look, which I might try next time as I wont be as scared and know how good she is! I am so excited I’ve finally found someone and really wanted to share it with you all! I’ve put her contact number at the bottom if any of you are interested, she’s super friendly and will no doubt discuss any concerns with you. Let me know how you get on. H xx

Victoria’s number: 07429244186

4 thoughts

  1. For so long now been looking for the best natural method for enhancing my lashes, I wasn’t blessed with lushious long ones.. Haha 😦
    Definitely going to give ‘Rapid Lash’ serum a try!

    Thankyou girlies x


  2. Hi, hope you don’t mind me emailing. You posted up about a lengthening mascara but can’t find it? I’m just want to try to out.
    Also, I’ve just read your post on heated rollers, I’ve got similar long hair. Which ones would you recommend to buy? When you google the make it comes up with lots of different ones! Thanks xx


    1. Hi Leanne! It’s not actually a mascara it’s a lengthening serum which you apply at night. It’s called Rapid lash serum and you’ll be able to find it in somewhere like Boots or superdrug. The heated rollers used in my blog post are the Babyliss thermo-ceramic heated rollers which come in a black box. I would definitely recommend them as they work great on my hair. Hope this helps you 🙂 Thanks for your message! H xx


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