My pregnancy journey so far..

I always dreamt of the day I’d find out I was pregnant and it really is as surreal as you’d expect! My pregnancy so far has definitely had its ups and downs but nonetheless has been amazing. I suffered from severe morning sickness (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) from about 5 weeks which lasted until around 16 weeks. This was sickness from the minute I woke, to sometimes the minute I went to bed. Everything I ate, drank or smelled! I was exhausted and so emotional this was happening as I’d never really heard of anyone close to me having the same problem. Mallory was only sick about 3 times in her whole pregnancy!


I felt so guilty about feeling upset, because I was pregnant and I knew I was supposed to be enjoying every moment of it. But I really wasn’t! I trawled the internet and read everything you could imagine the hope to find something to help but nothing did. I was really hesitant about going to my GP as I had read so many horror stories about taking medication in early pregnancy, but did go and was prescribed anti sickness drugs which I was told were safe during pregnancy. I took them about 3 days later, after some persuasion from family but it didn’t help the sickness at all! It was a really tough time because I knew I was just going to have to wait until it stopped naturally. I can defintely understand how in times like this people can suffer from depression and anxitey about pregnancy as vomiting every few hours for 4 months is hard work!



Every woman’s pregnancy is so different and you have to try not to compare yours to others because our bodies react in all kinds of ways trying to adapt. I have been lucky because my severe sickness did go, I now just have a few sicky days which are definitely manageable and I am really starting to love pregnancy. Although nothing helped me in the early stages, now I definitely suggest having a few snacks by your bed to nibble on as soon as you wake up as eating immeditely really helps me. I also think trying to go for a walk each day really helps, it’s a great way to keep active and fit in pregnancy.


I was (and still am) obsessed with looking at girls who are at a similar stage in pregnancy to me and comparing bumps and bodies! I literally cant help myself. I think the womans body really is amazing and I love seeing how good people look throughout. I’ve recently read Kim Kardashian describing preganacy as the worst experience of her life, which to me is a little extreme, because through the bad times it always comforted me knowing I had a little life inside of me who I loved unconditionally.


Becoming a mum has always been an ambition of mine. A lot of girls my age think that’s really strange and can’t understand it. I think everyone reaches different stages in their life at different times and after being with Korey for 4 and a half years we both definitely felt ready and couldn’t be more excited about meeting our little boy!

Staying hydrated is so important, always try and remember to carry a bottle of water when you’re out.
Stretch mark creme – Mama mio tummy rub butter. It’s super rich and smells gorgeous! I apply it every night and have no stretch marks so far.
Having an empty stomach can cause sickness so try and carry some little biscuits in your handbag to nibble on to prevent that from happening.

I would love to hear how you are all getting on with your pregnancies.
H xx

8 thoughts

  1. Where do you get all your lovely maternity clothes from? I am loving your pregnancy style! Im 13 weeks, so will be looking to get some new clothes soon! Where is best? xxx


    1. Amazing, congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m only wearing maternity jeans in this post which are from Topshop. Asos is also pretty good for maternity clothes, they do some longer tops in the normal range too which I find are good for covering bump! Hope this helps. H xx


  2. I suffered from hyperemisis in the first 4 months of my pregnancy too! I literally didn’t stop being sick from the moment I woke to the moment I fell asleep and I completely agree with your description. At the point right before I was hospitalised (I stayed overnight with a drip to replenish my fluids) I literally felt like the biggest failure because I was hating being pregnant. I was so excited and expected so much from the feeling of carrying my little peanut, I thought I’d be glowing and able to rock my pregnant body with ease, but I was mostly sweating with my head in a bowl! I felt so awful feeling so down about it but after much persuasion from my family, just like you, I took some medication which actually did work. I was on 3 types though! Anyway, my little girl was born healthy and happy and I just wanted to let you know the medication had no effect on her little body whatsoever. Glad to hear your sickness has subsided though! And you’re looking fabulous anyway! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes amazing x


    1. Hi Georgia, thanks for sharing your story with me. I’m so sorry you suffered so badly with it but so glad you have a healthy little girl now who I’m sure makes everything worth it. Thank you xx


  3. Hi Hattie and Mallory❤️

    Just to say, how much I am loving your blog and the moment! Hattie, congratulations on your soon to be born baby boy! I am 35 weeks and I love reading your pregnancy blogs! I also can’t help myself looking at other peoples body and bump at the same stage as me!! I am finding it quite difficult to find some nice autumn/ winter clothes for me and the bump recently. Have you got any suggestions?!


    1. Hello, so glad you’re loving the blog. Congratulations on your pregnancy too. I’ve had quite a few requests about maternity clothes advice so will do a blog post in the next few days for you. Hope this helps. 🙂 x


  4. Hi Hattie,

    I’m also 27 weeks pregnant on Sunday Starting to enjoy my pregnancy now too! Hope your remaining 13 weeks treat you well! I’m after maternity clothes advice. Where have you bought most of your clothes? Asos is great but seems buying a size 10 maternity is still too big. Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks x x


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