Beauty By Bourn Sisters

Our top 3 everyday makeup essentials.

Hattie’s Top 3

My everyday makeup is so simple I use the same products on a daily basis. I am definately a believer in less is more and love a natural, fresh face.


My no1 essential product would have to be the drug store Maybelline instant anti-age eye concealer. I wear this in Nude and find it perfect for anything from a light under eye bag cover up, to more dramatic contour look.

My second favourtite product is MAC lipstick. I love the finish MAC matte lipsticks give and have worn them for as long as I can remember. My favourite colours are Velvet Teddy, Honey Love and Yash. I usually combine a few of them together which works really well.


My third and final essential would be Chanel Universal Bronze. This is literally my life saver makeup product. It only comes in one colour and is a cream based bronzer which I find really stops that ‘cakey’ look and super easy to apply. (using a good bronzing brush) I use this for contouring along my cheekbones, bronzing my forehead and temple

Mallory’s Top 3

Mallory Bourn Beauty

I also like to keep my makeup fairly natural for my day to day look. My No1 Item in my makeup bag would have to be MAC studio fix fluid in Nc 25. I have used the same foundation for almost ten years and it is my staple beauty product it provides a really great coverage and lasts hours. It has an spf 15 which is great because it means my skin is protected from the sun.

My No 2 product would have to be Benefit they’re real! beyond mascara. It is truly amazing and after years of trying out different brands varying from L’oreal to Dior this is my absolute favourite. ย It has been awarded as the Uk’s No 1 best-selling mascara and I understand why! I have naturally fairly long lashes but it really does accentuate ย them in away that no other mascara has, it adds volume and length. I use it in Black but it now comes in blue and brown. The only downside to the product is that it can be quite hard to remove but the clever people at benefit have created a They’re real remover, which I am yet to try I will let you know how I find it!


My third essential product would have to be my Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown in Bronze, Its a really versatile product which can be used as a highlighter, bronzer and even as eyeshadow. Its great for creating an everyday glow and using to highlight cheekbones and eyes. For an evening look I tend to use it to create a gold shimmery eye. It comes in several shades, to suit all skin tones and they often bring out limited edition versions around christmas with beautiful packaging which are worth keeping an eye out for.


H and M xx

7 thoughts

  1. Hi ladies

    Just a quick question! I have been using the Chanel universal bronzer for a couple of months now and I was just curious as to what bronzer brush you would recommend? I am yet to find one that I am completely happy with!

    Look forward to hearing from you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hollie x


  2. Hey
    Love your blog I was just wondering what colour lip liners Hattie uses with those lipsticks? I bought velvet teddy & honey love the other day after this post love them
    Keep posting ladies I’m obsessed ๐Ÿ’œ


    1. Hey Rose, I use the same foundation as Mallory – MAC studio fix. I love this foundation and find it works great with the bronzer. If you prefer a BB cream I use the Garnier BB cream (medium colour) in the summer for something lighter which also works great ๐Ÿ™‚ x


  3. Hi ladies!

    I was just wondering what brush you would recommend for using the Chanel Universal Bronzer? I have been using the bronzer for a few months now but have failed to find a brush which I am fully happy with.

    Hollie xx


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